Gowrielea Golden Retrievers, Ontario

06 December 2019
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Gowrielea Golden Retrievers

We have owned Goldens for over 30 years, acquiring our first Golden Retriever in 1986.

Our first Golden was Can. Ch. Ambercroft’s Brat of Cairngorm Can. CDX, WCI. Am. CD, WC, JH (Cairny). She taught us a great deal about humility, as she certainly lived up to her name “Brat”. Most importantly, however, Cairny introduced us to the world of Pure Bred Golden Retrievers. Since then it has been a wonderful journey with an ongoing passion for this wonderful breed. The many adventures we have had, and the wonderful friends we have made through our involvement in Goldens, have made every minute worthwhile.

The Kennel name of “GOWRIELEA” (GOW - REE - LEE) originated from the Scottish tradition of naming their homes. “Gowrielea” was the name of Liz’s Grandfather’s house in the Dundee area of Scotland . We obtained permission to use that name for our Home/Kennel here in Scarborough , Ontario, and now relocated to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

We have been breeding under the Kennel name of Gowrielea since 1988. We strive to produce healthy and correct Golden Retrievers in every litter we produce. We are very concerned about the health and well being of the dogs we produce, and therefore we routinely screen all our breeding stock for Hip and Elbow dysplasia, hereditary eye disease, hereditary heart disease, and complete blood work for VonWillebrands disease and Thyroid disease. All screening is performed by a certified Specialist in their respective field.

We are both active members of the Golden Retriever Clubs and All Breed Club to which we belong. In addition, we are greatly involved in the areas of Conformation (showing dogs), Obedience, Field & Agility. Over the past 20 years, we have titled numerous Goldens in many areas of competition in both Canada and the U.S. That been said, we know that most of our dogs will go to homes that simply want a Golden for a family companion. It is for that reason that we put such emphasis on health concerns. All Gowrielea Puppies go to their new homes with a two year guaranty against the health concerns listed above.

Liz & Bruce Russell
Gowrielea Perm. Registered






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